Lodging for September 2017 is currently being researched.



I feel exhilarated whenever I hear Avignon because I too have been there so many times; yet, I did not know the city until I saw it through your eyes.  So, thank you both for making all my previous visits there much more meaningful. I know that you like to minimize your possessions, your stuff, so if you would like to give them, (the books), to someone else, such as Gayle, please do not hesitate. I am glad that you have enjoyed looking through them and reading them and that they have given you some pleasure and perhaps some smiles.

You two are great friends to us and we are grateful for the warm comfort this friendship brings to our minds and our hearts.

Frank and Christine

Today’s News 7/14/15 Jour de Bastille

We just had a great conversation with François Marco, our sommelier and wine tour guide. He is expecting us in September and looks forward another grand experience with our group of southern France adventurers… WOW, what a welcome. This man is one of the most informative, influential and best educated wine guides we have met. Our experiences with him have always been of the highest caliber. Also, our luncheon destination for the day is one of the absolute finest in Châteauneuf du Pape. It is the revered hilltop restaurant of Veger des Papes. This full-day tour of the quaint villages and vineyards could not be coming together better. We are excited.

Here is François with friends toasting to us…what a guy!

Avignon Wine vineyard Marco Wine

Today’s News 3/29/15 • New excitement for our 2015 Rendezvous in Provence

Jim’s French professor of many years will be joining us with his wife, Christine. Franco is highly skilled as an instructor in Spanish and French, his native language. As a former language professor and Dean of Communications at the college, Franco has retired after more than 40 years, to a more active life of traveling the world. We are fortunate to have Franco and Christine, also a seasoned public school teacher, join us on our Rendezvous in Provence to provide suggestions, tips, and instruction during our time at the villa and throughout the entire tour experience. Additional language lessons available on request.

Here is a photo glimpse of this charming couple as we all enjoyed an evening at the March 2015 Dusty Wings Boot Scootin’ Hoedown in Palm Springs, California. As a former flight attendant with Braniff International Airlines, Dana is a member of Dusty Wings. The evening was a fund raiser event hosted by Dusty Wings for Gilda’s Club, a cancer support organization.

P1270719 FFT close up DW Cover Hoedown

Franco and Christine. Franco in his Basque cowboy attire and Dana and Jim getting ready for the chuck wagon dinner.

Views of the Villa

We have again secured this fabulous city-villa for our 2015 Rendezvous in the Heart of Avignon. Yes, right within the old-world walled city lies this beautiful villa. Walking distance to everywhere in Avignon. The decision was easy to make, the location, the charm, the heated pool, the living space are all strong positives for this roomy and charming villa. We had to, however, reduced our maximum group size to only 8 people, of which we, (Jim and Dana), will occupy 2 of those spaces, leaving room for only 6 people in each group rendezvous. Small enough to interact with everyone, move freely about the city, and small enough to gain spontaneous entry to some of the secret and treasured sights of this historic village in Provence. This fulfills our true desire for everyone to capture the feeling of living…A Week in Provence.

Villa Living Room View Villa Living Room Villa Pool Full Villa Pool Villa Bedroom Orange Bath OrangeVilla Bedroom Yellow Villa BathVilla room4-1 Villa room4-2Villa Kitchen Villa DiningVilla Courtyard Villa Street View

After nearly two months in Avignon…

With months of living in Avignon in 2013 and 2014, we made so many contacts and rather than spend our time on the computer during our visit to Provence, we felt prompted to connect and network therefore making our visit so much more productive. In 2014, we had postponed our return to Paris, then we totally cancelled it because of the depth of ideas and experiences we discovered in Avignon. Here is just a brief pictorial of some of the people and sights that we felt you would enjoy.

P1090289 P1110570

P1110032 P1110386

P1110812 P1110811

P1090217 P1090285

P1110621 P1110753

P1120225 P1110962

P1100187 P1100180

P1090231 P1090234

P1120269 P1100670

P1110162 P1120275

P1110156 P1110158

Charming, twelve room, boutique hotel in the heart of Avignon.

Palais des Papes, 13th century residence of the Popes. P1100923

 Saint Benezet Bridge constructed in the 17th century, "Pont d'Avignon," originally had 22 arches.

Saint Benezet Bridge constructed in the 17th century, “Pont d’Avignon,” originally had 22 arches.

Today’s news 9/14/13

The moment we had been waiting for…Peter and Mireille have arrived!


So much to cover in so little time and so much to cover and coordinate for our fall events. With a flavor for the finest, we are stepping into the past to bring something to our friends that has never been experienced before. Now…that’s a real bold statement, but to be sure, we are able to do this because of our commitment and our focus on transporting the past into the present. We know the area, we know the people, we know the culture and we know the language. Now we must design a palette of colors that will be like never before, one that will excite, engage and enlighten those who are bold enough to join us on this adventure. Here is just a small taste of what you can expect:


Oysters, fruits, tastes of the exotic and region that are just not available anywhere else. We can expect to build an agenda that only could be imagined in a dream. This is one of those dreams come true.

P1060691P1060709 P1060929 P1060931

Tea time at Hotel La Mirande…a gourmet experience.

Today’s news 9/5/13

Arriving in Avignon was spectacular…the cultural center of Provence. A walled city like no other. So much has happened in this city. The Palace of the Popes, home of the Sovereign Pontiffs in the 14th century. If only the walls could talk…but they can. They tell us of the people, the attitudes, the sensitive and inquisitive nature of the surroundings. Now it’s time to explore and become familiar with this beautiful space of living art. Our first thought is to go to the market…a market that stands alone, Les Halles, pronounced, “Lay-Al,” a permanent Farmer’s Market open every day but Monday. Only by seeing it can one believe it. It’s breathtaking. The aromas of elaborate pastries and desserts. Fresh vegetable and fruit fantasies. Fresh oysters from the waters of Brittany, carefully shucked so that not a drop of their delicious brine is missing. A variety of food treasures of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, breads and spices like we’ve never seen before. Come with us as we enter this historic and culinary adventure.


P1050404P1050224 P1050225 P1050226 P1050235 P1050244 P1050257 P1050318 P1050356 P1050372 P1050397 P1050398P1050585 P1050599

Today’s news 9/2/13

Richard & Nancy and Holly & Mike, the whole crew visiting la Tour Eiffel on Richard’s birthday, Monday, September 2nd. Richard, Nancy, Dana and I are staying in the 4th on rue Saint Antoine in the Marais and Mike & Holly are in the 3rd near one of our favorite restaurants, Chez Omar on 47 rue de Bretague 75003 Paris. Walking, talking and dining our way through the museum of reality…the only way to see Paris…up close and personal.P1040204P1040228P1040167P1040229P1040226P1030822


Today’s news 9/1/13

Our rendevous with Yves, Chantal and Maguy in Paris at the la Criee on the Seine in the 19th arrondissement. Lunch…fabulous. Conversation…personal and outstanding after so many years. So good to see our friends in Paris before we board the TGV to Avignon to begin our exploration for our Food and Wine Tour in the fall of 2014.

An exhibit of Chantal’s father’s art is being held this month. Details below:


Today’s news 8/28/13

Arrived in Paris, our first stop on our way to Avignon to prepare for the Food & Wine Tours for the fall of 2014.

P1030717P1030236 P1030235 P1030240

Today’s news 8/21/13

Building the site and the tour…just like cooking a dinner. We are now in the process of packing, tending to all the final details that will be necessaryDSCN6254 to help make our trip productive and enjoyable for all.

It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of others. Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.” – Leo Buscaglia

Tomorrow we will be talking with our friends and connections in Paris. Final arrangements for our arrival are almost in place. Richard and Nancy will be joining us in Paris and we plan to see our friend Terrance Gelenter who lives in Paris about eleven months of the year. He’s a true ex-pat and loves his life.

From Paris we will take the TGV to Avignon where Caroline will welcome us to our Avignon apartment to begin our research for the 2014 Food & Wine Tours. We will be exploring cooking schools, chefs who prepare fine meals with a heart, wine vineyards with some of the most tasteful wines in southern France and sights to see and places to visit. On the 12th of September, Peter and Mireille will arrive. We are excited about their arrival. The four of us will venture forth to other nearby villages. We are especially looking forward to revisiting our home in Saint Victor la Coste where we stayed for a couple of months back in 2000. Our very dear friend Catherine of Paris visited us there and it was an experience that will live in our hearts forever.

We will explore the best-of-the-best! All with our tour guests in mind…Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Uzes, Arles and possibly even Carcassonne, the home of Mireille’s mother, Ginette. As our friend and colleague Leo Buscaglia said so eloquently, “It is in the sharing…creating joy for others, that we receive the gift.”

As we move through the fields, the days, the experiences of Provence, we will continue to share our experiences with with you.

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